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Gear Shift Drum Assembly - ATV, Hisun, 800cc - PBC832F1

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This transmission gear shift drum assembly is used for a wide displacement range of ATVs. Most popularly applies to 800cc ATVs from companies like Hisun (HSUN). Common listed manufacturer part numbers include 23200-010C-0000, 23210-F68-0000 and P010000232000000.

These machines are commonly manufactured by Chongqing Huansong Industries (Group) Co., Ltd. and distributed by a range of exporters, importers and distributors under such brands as: Hisun, Bennche, Coleman, Massimo, Qlink, Menards Yardsport, Big Muddy, Powermax, Nordik, TSC, Rural King, Cub Cadet, Excalibur, US Titan / Supermach, Precision, JMC and many others.

Common Hisun (HSUN) model names consist of variations of "Hisun 800cc ATV", "Hisun HS800ATV", "HSUN HS800 E-mark EFI" and other similar variations. Common listed Hisun (HSUN) transmission gear shift drum assembly Old Part Number is 23210-F68-0000 and 2013 Part Number is 23200-010C-0000.